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The Future is Now - Using Inbound Methods for Outbound Brochures

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A Bet Against Technology is a Bad Bet

Why make a bad bet when you can pick a winner? While it may be easier to remain in your comfort zone, do you really want to take a chance on being left behind? Stepping out and employing new techniques to your traditional products may seem frightening at first but it can also be rewarding. Stretching beyond your current boundaries may even be more than rewarding - you may find it fun!

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If a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words ...

For example, let's take a type of outbound collateral where producing it is very familiar to you and remains in wide use. A brochure for instance. Over time brochures have changed, incorporating more contemporary designs and modern messaging. The use of photography has morphed from simple imaging into multi-process works of art. It's a safe bet that a brochure today looks very different from its counterpart of 25 years ago. So why not consider also changing the way in which your brochure finds its way to your target audience? Just because it's a relatively small deliverable doesn't mean it can't deliver a very powerful punch!

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Borrow Freely from Inbound When Creating Outbound

Another safe bet is that just about anything you produce eventually appears on the internet. Given this, there are many inbound techniques you can easily incorporate into an inbound brochure that can increase your ROI. Among them:

  • Go Long on Keywords - Incorporating long-tail keywords into brochure text, ups the chance that your work will be discovered by search engines. This can bring entirely new prospects to your doorstep.
  • Don't Be Afraid of Pain - One of the basic precepts of inbound marketing is identifying your prospect's specific pain points and providing solutions. This motivates the prospect to find you. There is no reason why a brochure cannot incorporate this concept into its overall text.
  • One Man's Slang is Another Man's Language - Address your target in the vernacular they use and understand because those words will be what they use to find you when searching the net. Make your brochure easy for your specific target to find. 
  • Point to Additional Pain Relievers - Make use of links to other websites that offer solutions to your target's problem. They will thank you by coming back and seeking you out. 
  • Dress Up Your Hand-Me-Downs - Put your existing library of collateral back to work. Give it a cosmetic lift. Tweak the language and update facts if necessary. Repurpose content - don't let it lie fallow.

These are just a few of the things you can do to maximize your outbound reach using inbound methodologies. To learn more please download our ebook on adapting inbound techniques for outbound marketing materials.  

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