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Tips for Using Buyer Personas with Outbound Collateral

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Increase Outbound Impact Using Inbound Buyer Personas

One of the major differences between outbound and inbound methods is how a potential customer is approached. Outbound is directed toward the prospect. Deliverables are designed to interrupt and grab attention. Inbound's goal is to create content that is so compelling it draws the customer to you. Outbound is focused on products and features while inbound is all about content and problem solving.

This solution based orientation is one of the key distinctions between an inbound buyer persona and a traditional personal profile. When creating a buyer persona you want to be able to know not just what a person thinks and does, you want to know why. What is driving their consumer behavior? What goal are they trying to achieve? What problem do they need to solve? What does this person love to do and where does she love to do it? Showing that you have the answers they seek, do the things they enjoy and go where they like to go, will bring the client to you.   

There are many ways to use buyer personas to enhance traditional outbound collateral including: 

  • Create materials around topics your buyer persona finds engaging - make the content directly relevant to their life. If there's a problem you've identified during the interview process, write pieces that address possible solutions. 

  • Relate to your buyer - using formal language to address someone who speaks in hash-tags and 144 character short cuts, is unlikely be engaging or draw them to your website. Talk the talk!

  • Demonstrate specific knowledge of their world -  don't go to great lengths to describe a baby carraige when they refer to it as a "pram." It makes no sense to talk about the virtues of the "slow food movement" when they eat at McDonalds three times a week. Indicate knowledge of their world and show respect for how they operate inside it.

  • Use "tech" etiquette - asking someone to stream Netflix when they don't own a smart TV or other applicable device, may create backlash. Be mindful of your persona's sophistication level when delivering your message.

  • Consider collaborating with partners for certain campaigns - if your prospect loves a particular company, give thought to co-marketing with them. It heightens the chance of the prospect finding you and increases your credibility with them.

  • Prepare an "offer" that solves that persona's issue - once the problem is defined, state the value proposition - your promise to find the solution. This is a powerful way to bring them to you. 

  • Align your materials with the persona's decision making patterns - know how much information they typically gather before making a purchase. What do they require at different points along their buyer's journey. What will it take to get them across the finish line? Provide the information they need when they need it.      


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