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Inbound 4 Outbound - Make the Most out of Marketing Videos

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Inbound 4 Outbound - Make the Most out of Marketing Videos

It's possible to conclude from our prior blogs that inbound marketing is most concentrated on the written word. At first blush this may seem true given the emphasis on blogging, choosing the best long-tail keywords and getting "found" through carefully drawn SEO. Yet the messages delivered by inbound are not constrained by the medium. On the contrary, video can be artfully enhanced by incorporating inbound techniques, and can benefit from the same measurable increase in ROI as other vehicles.

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What You See ...

After incorporating inbound techniques into your marketing video production, what you see may not be what you get. Chances are you'll get much more than just what you see. During production, while working with your video editor, consider adding these inbound techniques to boost your movie rating to RRR - for a spike in Realized Rate of Return. To improve your marketing video production, we recommend including: 

  • SEO - Incorporate long-tail key words if any text appears.
  • Gates - Videos are great candidates for gated content. Increase their desirability and gain important contact information through use of gates.
  • Landing Pages - Create landing pages pointed toward your video. SEO the landing pages to aid in capturing your ideal prospects. 
  • Video Infograpics - Use video infograpics that entertain, inform and strengthen brand recognition.
  • Stories with a Solution - Develop story content that addresses your ideal prospect's needs, problems and pain points. Win over your ideal prospect's allegiance by providing answers and solutions. 
  • Convert powerpoint presentations into Power Pitch ™ videos - Leverage existing powerpoints into a more exciting format using information you've already collected.

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These are just a few of our thoughts about optimizing your marketing video production. For more information please contact one of our inbound experts and download our free ebook explaining how to use inbound techniques for outbound collateral. 

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