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Inbound Marketing and Hubspot: A Perfect Marriage That Just Got Better

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This week I was in Boston for Hubspot's annual Inbound convention.

The conference had over 10,000 attendees and tons of groundbreaking speakers, including Guy Kawasaki who spoke about his time with Apple – and how to create companies that not only work, but win. I was overwhelmed, wowed, motivated and more. I’ve been to plenty of conventions in my life and this was the most organized, inspiring event yet.

I’ll admit, it does help that the event was in Boston – a wonderful town with great food and even greater people.

During the event, HubSpot announced a list of new exciting features and products. You can find a complete list here. But a few really hit home for me.

Hubspot Marketing Automation Grows Up.

The basic premise of marketing automation is that it allows you to offer your prospects, leads, and customers the right content at the right time. (For a longer description check out this blog post.)

To do that, these tools mine big data for keywords, events, cues, and more from customers. Did someone visit your site more than once? Perhaps we should show slightly modified content on the home page based on previous behaviors. Have they downloaded a whitepaper? Ok, great! Let’s send additional information via email that is targeted to that specific customer, based on where they are in their buying journey.

You could imagine this gets pretty technical, pretty fast. One of the things I absolutely love about Hubspot is that despite the intelligence required to create the product, it is incredibly easy to use. Their product is robust, and user-friendly (a precarious balance to strike).

That said, Interamark has a couple larger SMB customers whose sales funnel could benefit from a more nuanced, complex workflow than what we, as a reseller, have been able to provide.

Hubspot to the Rescue! Lead Generation Gets Smarter.

Surprise surprise, we weren’t the only reseller clambering for more. At the event, HubSpot announced a new feature that allows us to address our larger SMB customers' needs directly—conditional logic!

That might not sound like a super-exciting feature to those of you who aren’t deep into the world of Big Data. But to those of us who are, well, let’s just say a collective, “WOOHOO!” was heard throughout the event.

From their site:

Conditional logic or "branching" in Workflows, allows users to further develop distinct nurturing experiences for your contacts, creating mini-goals that help you optimize each step of your marketing automation strategy to the fullest.
With HubSpot’s interconnected tools, you can use real-time marketing data to provide relevant, contextual marketing experiences to every contact in your database. This is marketing automation that spans your whole strategy.

Inbound marketing at its best. Which is just what the client ordered.

And. There’s more.

Hubspot Marketing Automation and Sales

They also announced a new sales tool. We’ve all heard of Salesforce.com (heck we even use it at our own agency), but the integration of these sales tools with marketing automation tools was kludgy at best, useless at its worst.

The benefits of the new sales tool are easy to see. Finally we get total integration, with complete 360º views of all the contacts in your database. You know what they’ve done on your site and what products they might be considering. Better yet, sales has a precise understanding of what information prospects might need to help make a purchasing decision. AKA – close the deal.

With this functionality fully integrated into the marketing automation tool, marketing and sales can literally on the same page.

As a current Hubspot customer, we get to start using this new sales tool this year. The rest of the world, get ready – in 2015, it's your time to shine!

Hubspot, we heart u!

Several of Interamark’s clients use Hubspot. We’ve helped them from strategy to implementation and beyond. Just yesterday, one of our team members changed a requirement on a Call-to-Action form to better optimize it for our client and their leads. Easy, simple, dare I even say, fun? Everyone here loves the tool, its ease of use, and the increible ability to “move the needle” for our clients.

This week, Hubspot returned the love – by giving us (and our clients) even more to love.

Thank you HubSpot. The Interamark team is already looking forward to next year’s event!

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