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Leveraging Hubspot Partnerships to Increase Marketing ROI

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Proof of Marketing ROI Top Concern Cited in 2015 Survey

The ability to provide proof of positive marketing ROI was the top concern cited by respondents to the 2015 State of Inbound survey. This was the greatest concern cited for companies of all sizes, from those with fewer than 25 employees to those with 200 or more. Perhaps this is not surprising since companies whose teams demonstrated positive returns were 2 times more likely to get additional budget in their next request and 9 times less likely to lose it.

Here at Interamark we've concluded that the HubSpot partnership model provides the most efficient way for small and mid-size companies to compete effectively against larger companies with greater marketing muscle. When you select a HubSpot partner, you are in effect hiring a full service, top quality, inbound marketing department for a fraction of the cost. In our opinion, this is the most cost effective method for increasing your marketing ROI. 

How HubSpot Partners Raise ROI

There are myriad services a Partner firm can provide. Among them we've chosen to highlight a few. 

  • Website Visibility - HubSpot tools make it possible to create everything needed from initial development to brand alignment, site enhancement, SEO, increased traffic and more. 
  • Blogging - The HubSpot framework was built for blogging. Services can range from blogging tips and on-page SEO techniques, to routinely ghost-writing blogs that add credibility to your web presence. HubSpot's SEO and blog performance measures tell you what's working and give direction for ways to improve results.
  • Content Creation - Collateral pieces can be easily developed from the HubSpot tool set. Whether you wish to create an E-book or embark on an email campaign, a partner has vast resources to draw upon to make it happen - and to tally the results. 
  • Social Media - A HubSpot partner can measurably expand your social networking reach using proprietary resources available to them. Impact can be tracked and tactics revised accordingly.
  • Accountability - There are multiple levels of performance evaluation embedded in the HubSpot software. As a partner client, sophisticated, regular reporting lets you know where your prospects are along the buyer's journey, informs your ongoing strategy and enables you to continously track ROI.
Raise your ROI with increased marketing IQ.

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