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Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

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Death by PowerPoint. Any of us have experienced this – all of us, and we’ve all probably been guilty of it at some point.

But in a world of bullet points, top 3 tips, and Buzzfeed-style stories, PowerPoint slides that are drowning in words will numb your audience and kill your message.

Interamark has a team of writers and storytellers than can help you refine everything you want to say into points on a slide. We can design your slides so they are engaging, and we can help craft the speaker’s notes to ensure your story is concise, precise, and meaningful.

When built effectively, presentations tell powerful stories that people remember.

Not sold? We wouldn’t be either. Which is why we are offering a free 3-slide makeover. Send us 3 of your most difficult, or important slides, and we will work our magic on them.

Are you in? Let's get started.

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