Repurposing Infographic Content – 3 Ways to Increase the Exposure of Your Infographic Message

Posted by Jessica McInerney

May 15, 2014 8:50:00 AM


1. Create a simplified version of your Infographic

Oftentimes an Infographic can be too large or cumbersome to view on sites such as Facebook or Linkedin. Viewers may not have the time, or desire to scroll through a giant graphic. Using a design resource to create a smaller, simplified version of your infographic can be a great way to increase the number of outlets available to utilize your graphic, as well as increasing consumption of it. A less time consuming endeavor is a bonus to your busy audience.

2. Translate your Infographic into a Powerpoint format

Start by creating a set of separate images out of your greater infographic, so that each can be placed into a PowerPoint deck. From this image set you can create a slide deck by adding one image to each slide in chronological order so that it tells the same story as the graphic did as a whole. It may be necessary to add context where needed, such as in the speaker notes section of the deck, so that your presenter has more background on the story that the infographic is telling. Not only does this format allow you to present the infographic in a PPT format in-person, to a group, but it also allows you to post to sites like DocStoc, Slideshare, Scribd and others, increasing your online footprint.

3. Create a video out of your Infographic

Creating a video out of your Infographic PowerPoint deck is another great way to increase exposure online by utilizing YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe.The easiest way to accomplish this translation of content is to take the Power Point presentation mentioned above, use screen capture software to walk through each slide in the presentation, explaining the data as you go. This method can be less appealing to viewers because of the presentation format, but gets the job done with minimal effort.

A more high-end way to create videos from your existing Infographic PowerPoint deck is to export your .ppt file to PowerPitch, a software application that provides advanced remote control of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. A voice over can be introduced using PowerPitch, and you can control the timing of any animations in order to create a narrated movie that plays the slides in a seamlessly animated fashion. PowerPitch creates a .swf file which is an Adobe Flash file that can be used in a variety of places. From there you can then covert the .swf to a video format like .mov or .wma for even greater variety of use.


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