What is typography?

 A typeface is the collective name of a family of fonts. Observe how this blog post uses a variety of fonts while being written entirely in one typeface.


Keep an eye on the font size and the leading and kerning (also known as leading and kerning, respectively) in your text. Additionally, make sure the text and backdrop colour contrast well enough. 


Typography is the art of placing letters and text so that the reader can easily read, understand, and find the material visually pleasing.
It involves typeface appearance, style, and structure, with the goal of evoking particular feelings and communicating particular messages. In other words, typography makes the text more vivid.

What is the use of typography?

Typography may improve the text that appears on websites and other online locations that display content and writing. This is due to the fact that typography draws attention to messages, articles, headlines, and other material by using fonts, letter spacing, layout styles, and other design components.


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What is the importance of typography?

Strong visual hierarchy, graphic balance, and the overall tone of the product can all be achieved with good typography. Your typography should offer a great user experience, enhance readability and accessibility, and guide and enlighten your users.


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